Designed to upcycle with three necessities in one – House of Elodie can be your new Baby Gym, Snuggle House and Clothing Rack.

This unique multi-use product will be your haven when trying to figure out how to buy less stuff, while still making sure your child has everything that he or she needs. Depending on how you choose to combine the wooden frame base you will either get a baby gym, snuggle house or clothing rack.

The Baby Gym 

A steady wooden base that in combination with other parts of House of Elodie, will serve as either a Baby Gym, a Snuggle House or a Clothing Rack.

Four fun toys to stimulate your baby to move and develop motor skills. Available in two different sets.


The Snuggle House

Place this cover over the baby gym and you have yourself a cosy house for your snuggles to live in. (Dolls and teddys are also welcome)!


The Clothing Rack

Four wooden extension legs and one stabilizer, to add on to the baby gym. Comes together with matching kid-size hangers to complete the look.

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