Soline Harrison's guide to London

We met up with Swiss mom and model Soline Harrison (@solineharrison) to get her best tips and ideas on stroller-friendly things to do in her little hometown of London, UK.

1. Tell us about yourself 

My name is Soline, I’m a Swiss expat living in London. I moved here 7 years ago to pursue my modelling career and today I’m raising my 8 months old baby girl in one of my favourite cities.

2.  When is the best time of the year to visit London? 

London has its charms in every season, but I personally really like it during summertime. Even though you can never predict the weather when the sun is out London is the best city in the world.

3. Stroller friendly spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your family?

I’m a real foodie and I wasn’t going to stop going to restaurant because I had a baby.  For breakfast I love going to Gail’s bakery. It’s a chain and you’ll find one everywhere in London. Their cinnamon rolls are amazing and it’s the stomping ground for mums.

For lunch the roof garden at the Pantechnicon is my favourite place ever. Amazing food and interior with a very peaceful ambiance. Influenced by Nordic and Japanese cooking and prepared with seasonal ingredients. After that don’t forget to grab a matcha and a pastry at Café Kitsuné on the ground floor.

For an early dinner I’d go to Dishoom. Again there’s a few in town but the one in Shoreditch is my favourite by far. Such a classic for south Asian cuisine and a great atmosphere. If the weather allows try to book a table in the veranda, you won’t regret it!

4. Any favourite park or playground?

London has lots of beautiful parks everywhere. My favourite one is the Regent’s Park. I always enjoy our strolls there. Alongside with beautiful strolls you’ll be able to find Queen’s Mary Rose Garden, an Open-air Theatre and the London Zoo which is a baby/kids favourite.

5. Where do you go shopping?

My favourite shopping place is Harrods. They have all my favourite brands from beauty, to clothing, accessories, interiors, great restaurants or luxury beauty treatment and an amazing kid’s section. I have to add the fact that they have THE best baby friendly bathroom/feeding room because as a parent we know that’s must. (Cosy, clean, luxurious there’s even rocking chairs!!!)

Another great thing about Harrods is the location. 5 min walk from Hyde Park playground and The Serpentine pound. So, once you finish your shopping you can go for a stroll, feed the ducks and play around. The best of both worlds.

6. What is your favourite feature on the Elodie MONDO Stroller?

Other than the obvious stylish, very handy compact and lightweight. My favourite feature is the little pocket at the back of the pushchair. I know it’s a small detail, but it really makes my life easier I can just put my phone and keys inside and go. If I might add the attention for details is what sold me! Not only in the pushchair but in every single accessory.


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