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Footmuffs for every season

The Footmuffs is one of Elodie’s most recognized and appreciated products. Probably due to its unique combination of design, style, and functionality, coupled with our passion for details and quality. We make new developments and improvements for each new collection we release and are constantly striving towards creating the perfect footmuff. Our footmuffs have already been awarded best-in-test several times.

We have footmuffs suitable for spring, summer, winter and autumn. When cold weather comes it is particularly important to have a footmuff for the stroller that keeps your child warm and dry. Elodie’s Footmuffs all have wind- and water repelling surface fabrics and pre-cut holes for the stroller harness that make them compatible with any stroller that has a 5-point belt. Most models have zips that open on both ends so that you can quickly adjust the temperature when moving from outdoor to indoor conditions.

The Footmuffs are designed for children aged 0 to 3. It differs how long a footmuff is needed but with Elodie you can use them from newborn until the child no longer needs or wants to ride the stroller.

The advantages of a footmuff

  • A footmuff gives a child more space to move around compared to bulky clothing.
  • Even with a lot of movement, the child is still covered and kept warm at all times.
  • In addition to the warm covering, the child’s back is also insulated and kept both warm and comfortable
  • Lifting a sleeping child out of the stroller is a lot easier inside a footmuff than without it.

What clothes to wear in a footmuff?

This is a common question without an obvious answer. It depends a lot on the outside conditions such as wind, temperature, and humidity. What we find is that it is easy to underestimate the warming abilities of a footmuff and over dress rather than under dress the child. Our footmuffs work the same way a sleeping bag for outdoor use does and seals body heat within the footmuff, so our general recommendation is to dress light. But make sure to wear something that protects the head in cold conditions as much of the body heat emanates from there. The best way to check that you child is neither to warm nor to cold is to regularly place your hand underneath the neck of the child.

You can also adapt to changing weather and temperature by choosing a different footmuff. We have everything from light down footmuffs that protects even in the coldest climate, to a multifunctional footmuff for warmer conditions that also converts to a seat liner quick and easy.

Light down footmuffs

Our footmuffs with down padding are developed for winter use, but are also well suited for use in spring or autumn when the weather can change rapidly. One of the benefits of down padding is that it has really good temperature controlling abilities. All of our light down footmuffs are produced with IDFL-certified down to ensure the highest quality and safety. If you need a light and airy footmuff that keeps warm even on the coldest days, nothing beats these. As an added advantage, they pack down to a very compact size, making them easy to store or bring along in the stroller for when the need for them arises.

Baby Overall - Footmuff

Elodie provides an overall that also functions as a footmuff for babies ages 0-6 and 6-12 months. The overall has arms and legs but the legs can be joint together with a smart zipper solution to create more room to kick and move around. A very good option if you use a car seat adapter on your stroller.

Multifunctional Footmuff

At Elodie you can find footmuffs for every season and all kinds of weather. Our multifunctional footmuff is as smart 2-in-1 product that will become your stroller’s new best friend. It is intended as a footmuff for year round use, where the bottom part is a well fitted and comfortable seat liner that in just a few seconds can become a warming footmuff by zipping on the lid. The lid is lightly padded and lined with a super soft jersey cotton fabric that is smooth and cosy and makes outside napping very comfortable for the little one. Very easy to use thanks to the high quality zippers and smart design features, and a prefect product to have when the days are warm but the nights quickly gets colder. No more fitting a separate footmuff in and out of the stroller. Just one product with two fabulous functions.