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Pacifier Clips

Elodie’s pacifier clip is an indispensable little accessory that makes everyday life with a baby just a bit easier. They are easy to use as you need only attach the metal clip to a piece of your child’s clothing and then thread the elastic silicone ring over the knob or ring of your pacifier or soother. Once attached it prevents the pacifier from getting lost, dirty or unsanitary by falling to the ground or floor. A very practical product to have at home, in the stroller or out and about.

Safe pacifier clips

At Elodie you’ll find beautiful pacifier clips for any style or personality, that fulfil the highest possible safety regulations and standards. The EN-regulations we test against are incredibly detailed and cover every aspect of safety that particularly apply for pacifier clips for babies and toddlers. Everything from mechanical properties such as impact resistance and durability to chemical contents is thoroughly checked and regulated to ensure they are safe for use.

We have pacifier clips with metal buckles that are nickle-free, rust-free and hypoallergenic. Some of them have beautiful wood detailing and all of them have faux leather details. Some are made with a strap produced with recycled materials. And did you know that every pacifier clip from Elodie has a matching pacifier in our assortment so you can create beautiful sets.

The Pacifier Clip is Elodie’s flagship product. It was the first product we developed and the success it had was the start of the journey towards the brand we are today. The pacifier clip is still one of our top selling products and we proudly continue to develop new styles, ideas and improvements on them.