At home with Eileen von Berckefeldt

Eileen von Berckefeldt is a mother of two wonderful and lively kids – Lola and Levi. Always with a new project right around the corner, she runs her own boutique focused on hand-made items alongside her work as a photographer. And when she finds the time she is just as dedicated to her gorgeous 70’s bungalow in Hannover where the family of four lives. We stopped by to have a peek inside her kids’ rooms and get inspired by her casual yet elegant style.

How would you describe your interior design philosophy?

Stick to the classics, I’d say. I love a touch of Scandinavian, mixed with a bohemian vibe and modern elements. Parts of our house need renovation, and I will try to make the original style of our house come to life. We live in a 70’s bungalow with a built-in atrium – a pretty rare style nowadays and to be honest, I love it.

Tell us about a memory that you keep close to your heart?

I will always cherish the moments when I gave birth to my children and first felt their skin on mine.

In my everyday life it’s the simple moments when everyone’s just happy that makes me smile. I always try to remember those simple occasions of day-to-day life, like when you’re all together in bed reading book after book. That’s real love and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.

How has motherhood changed you?

Becoming a mother basically sped up time, and at times it feels like the world around me is just flying by. It made me mature, and being pushed to your limits over and over has helped me to grow beyond myself. I guess that’s what kids do. But most importantly they’ve taught me to differentiate the important from the unimportant – and the meaning of real love.

What are the essentials in your kids’ rooms?

One of the most essential and underrated pieces in kids’ rooms are cosy carpets. It fulfils the whole composition and without it, there’s just something missing. Other than that, I think that beautiful, stand-out furniture create a personal note and can add that little extra highlight to a room.

What are your favourite items from Elodie?

Without a doubt the Play Mats. Not only are they really good looking, but they’re super comfy and cosy to play on. The StoreMyStuff is another favourite – I can’t begin to tell you how great these are as my kids can now clean up their rooms by themselves. Last but not least, the Bibs are one of those essentials that really brightens your day. They’re beautiful, easy to clean and every time someone sees one of mine, they want it.


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