Playground Spaceland

Presenting Playground Spceland - a design co-lab together with artist and mother of two - Clara Hallencreutz. In this exclusive, limited-edition co-lab Eldoie has taken Clara's artistic interpretation of a ´Playground Spaceland´ and created an expressive range of unisex products for little space explorers. 

The greatest adventure

To most, becoming a parent means embarking on the greatest adventure of all. Much like a space exploration parenthood entails stepping in to the unknown, which can be exciting, amazing yet somewhat scary all at once. But fear not, beyond the leap of faith and sometimes rocky road, a wonderful new world is discovered.  

Pack the bag

Pack your Backpack Mini with all the gear you'll need for a picknick among the stars; A PlayMat or Blanket to sit on, a Dinner Set to serve your snacks on (when on a space journey snacking is key), a Baby Bib to protect your space suit, and a SPF 30 sun protecting Bucket Hat to protect your little one from the bright beams of the sun

Did you know that the Bucket Hats are reversable, thus giving you two different Bucket Hats in one?

For the little space explorer

The collection of limited edition pieces features arching rainbows sprinkled with stardust, rockets reaching for the stars. When in need of some encouragement, inspiring quotes hidden here and there will make a great surprise! 

How many can you find?

"Welcome to Playground Spaceland!
Where imagination and creativity are set free. Where we are wild, exploring, and as boundless as the universe itself. Here — we always aim for the stars since there are already footprints on the moon. The Dreamseeker rocket will carry us safely across the arch of space, fuelled by love and kindness."

— Clara Hallencreutz

Create your own space

Tuning in to your little ones' imagination lets you discover a new world together. You can use watercolours to gain an entrance to that magical place.
We sometimes multiuse the Dinner Set as a palette for paint, the cup as a water container to dip the brush, and the Longsleeved Baby Bib as a painter’s apron to protect clothes.
The possibilities, imagination and creativity are as endless as the universe itself and will guide the way!