A portable Baby Nest that is just the best

Our portable baby nest is perfect for the first few months of bonding between a new-born and its new family.
The nest creates a cosy and comfortable environment that you easily and safely move from room to room while at home or on your travels – always keeping your little one close.

Through detailed product development and consumer testing we've made sure these beauties are pretty much perfect.

You’ll love how the long handles lets you lift and carry your baby without disturbing their sleep. You’ll appreciate the built-in storage pocket when a pacifier or wet wipe is quickly needed, and you’ll enjoy how easy it is to remove and get the fabrics cleaned up.

Elodie’s Baby Nests are suitable for use from new-born until around 4 months of age.

We’ve added an adjustable drawstring at one end to give your little one optimal comfort. A tight drawstring creates a perfect cocooning place for naptimes, while a loose drawstring gives more room to move around. With a fully extended drawstring the nest becomes more of a playmat.

And if you’re in to compact living, you’ll like the fact that there is a little hanger loop in the back that lets you store it away on any hook in your house. Perhaps the inside of a closet door?

Smart solutions and pleasing design in a wonderful combination. Enjoy!