Poolside Playtime

Presenting Poolside Playtime - a colourful collection perfect for a fun summer by the pool. Inspired by festive Flamingos and Lemon Drops, this collection features a splash of vibrant hues that will put smiles on sun-freckled faces. 

Cuckoo for colours

This summer, we are all about having fun and enjoying the sun, all while staying protected. With this collection Elodie goes Cuckoo for colours and dives into a playful range of splash-friendly pieces  to look cool and colourful by the pool.

And of course it doesn't hurt to be a little extra easy to spot for the parents. Enjoy these happy prints and colours that will beam bright in the sun.

Bananas for Bibs

It's no news that we are bananas for bibs! We have bibs with beautiful patterns, fills, wings, ears, and other pretty or playful features, all with their unique little design details. But beyond looking exceptionally cute, our playful range of bibs have a wide fit covering both shoulders and chest, as well as a large front pocket to catch any and all of that melting ice-cream.

Made from waterproof material it just needs a quick rinse or wipe after use and it will dry up in minutes, ready to go again, making it totally dip-in-the-pool-friendly. The soft and flexible material makes it so easy to fold into a tiny size and bring it along in your Elodie Backpack to any pool party or beach day.


All wrapped up 

A neccessity for poolside playtime is of course something to dry yourself off with. Our beautiful Hooded Towels have long been beach-and-bath staples, and now we've designed some new cuties for you. Products that match the pool party mood - fun, energetic and ready for everything.

Joining the bath selection this season are the new, high-quality, and super-absorbent Bath Robe and Bath Poncho, made of cotton terry that will dry off your toddler in no time. 

Choose between the loose-fitting slip-in poncho that allows full movement yet stays in place during playtime, or the luxurious velour and terry cotton robe perfect for snuggling up and getting warm and cosy after a bath. 

"I think we can all agree the world needs more colour right now. Pink, red and sparkling yellow that lets the sunshine in."

- Linda Sätterström, Creative Director and Founder at Elodie

Stay Cool in the Sun

Running around in the sun is always fun but protection from those harsh beams is a must, especially in the early days of summer. We recommend always using an SPF of at least UV50 at all times, but with constant dips in the water it can be hard to keep up with the re-applying.

Use a sun hat for physical protection from the sun throughout the day to protects the head, face and neck. And don't worry about removing it when bathing, a wet sun hat is just a nice way to keep ypur head cool. Just make sure to keep an eye on the drawsrings so that they do not catch onto something.

We have a wide range of sun hats, suitable for different ages and of course different styles. Are you looking for a cute bonnet, an extra neck-covering soft hat or opting for that cool bucket hat vibe? We have all the options for your little one!

Poolside Pacifiers 

After a long day of fun in the sun and by the pool, a nice nap is always just around the corner. Create a temporary outdoor crib in the shade using bath towels and bath robes. For an extra comforting feel we suggest a poolside pacifier to seal the sleeping deal.

These popping pacifiers are perfect to bring to any pool or beach. Easy to rinse off and even easier to spot in the sand or pool. Also, they leave you feeling happy and cool. And if you are looking for a cuddle for the nap the newest member of the snuggle club, Sweetheart Charlie, is always in the mood for a sweet hug!