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    Elodie Details es una marca de diseño sueca fundada en Estocolmo en 2005 por Linda Sätterström poco después del nacimiento de su hija Elodie. La premisa consistía en convertir productos cotidianos para bebés en accesorios de moda y alta calidad mediante una exclusiva combinación de utilidad, diseño y durabilidad. Desde entonces, su afición se ha convertido en una empresa de diseño con una amplia gama de innovadores productos para bebés que hacen la vida de los lactantes aún más maravillosa. Y cada producto está diseñado para durar. Creando objetos duraderos y multifuncionales, Elodie Details desea fomentar la sostenibilidad mediante el reciclaje.


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    Our Baby Years — A photo exhibition | Elodie Details -  October 11, 2019 Spanish mother, teacher and photographer Claudia Cabrero is a magician behind the camera and a master of capturing those small, but unforgettable, moments in life. She has interpreted our Autumn/Winter collection in the photo exhibition Our Baby Years, where she beautifully portrays memories and nostalgia from the baby years.   This is the second time we work together with Claudia – get inspired by her previous work here. Follow Claudia on Instagram.

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    We got inspired – The iconic Aviator jacket | Elodie Details - The unique Aviator jacket is a fashion item that never seem to go out of style. For our Autumn/Winter collection Le Petit Parisien, we got inspired by the look with its edgy mix of leather and shearling. We talked to our designer Carina Frank about the history of the garment and the process behind integrating the inspiration into our new collection. There is a historic quality to the leather shearling jacket. Shearling per say has helped people keep warm for ages – but it was in the 1930’s the aviator jacket came about. American pilots wore the iconic jackets to the skies, and in the 50’s the jacket made its transition from military to civilian use. The trend took off within the world of fashion during the 60’s and yet today most design houses has a version of their own. Since the Aviator jacket is quite rebellious in its style, we had a process of evaluating how to incorporate the look into gentle baby products. We decided to maintain the attitude by keeping details such as buckles and zippers – you can find the classic lapel that is a key aspect of the jacket on our Aviator Black footmuff. Another detail that we are proud of is the choice of material for the outer fabric, where we decided on using high quality, cruelty-free vegan leather. Read more about what vegan leather is and why it belongs in your closet here. The shearling was a must to keep since it provides the softest and cosiest lining in our Aviator Black footmuff, cap and mittens.   SHOP THE LOOK

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    Why does vegan leather belong in your closet? | Elodie Details - The short answer is that it looks good, is cruelty-free and climate friendly. We chose to work with vegan leather to create our new Aviator inspired series from the Autumn/Winter collection Le Petit Parisien. Let’s talk for a bit about what vegan leather is and why is belongs in our closet. Vegan leather is a versatile material that is increasing in popularity, and frequently being used by designers globally. Praised for being a sustainable choice, it is utilized to achieve an authentic leather look in an ethical manner. The material is often made of polyurethane, a polymer that can be made to order in a variety of forms. It can also be produced from innovative or organic materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, fruit waste and recycled plastic bottles. Check out the recently launched Aviator inspired, 100% vegan leather footmuff, cap and matching mittens!   SHOP THE LOOK

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