It's easy to go Bananas for Bibs when they are this cute and functional. They are the perfect gift, a home staple and a multifunctional every-day hero. To avoid lots of changes of clothes, our bibs are designed with a wide fit covering both shoulders and chest. Discover which one to use for what below.

The DryBib

Wave goodbye to endless outfit changes and hello to the cute collar that makes it all possible. Our DryBibs are drool bibs made of a double layer of cotton, with an ingenious water-repellent membrane in between, making them highly effective and absorbent, yet machine washable for easy care. 

Designed to prevent little droolers´clothes from getting wet and uncomfortable, you just switch to a new one when neede. These are ideal during teething, and you simply can't have too many. 

The Baby Bib

We know that babies´and toddlers´eating habits can be tricky to figure out, and to be honest, more often than not there is quite a bit of artistic expression to clean up from the canvas also known as your floor.
But with our Baby Bibs, there will be less of a mess and less of a need to change clothes. Made from waterproof material that is completely free from PVC, easy to clean and fast to dry, the Baby Bib is a true hero in disguise. The large front pocket catches all spills and crumbs, and is sturdy enough to hold one full cup of liquid. Choose your favourite style from our wide range of Baby Bibs here.

The Longsleeved Bib

The extended version of the Baby Bib is the Longsleeved Bib, with long sleeves to prevent any needs of changing shirts after eating. Taking it on and off couldn't be any easier thanks to the soft Velcro attachment in the back.

We always encourage exploring and discovering, and thus making a mess, as a way of learning and having fun. When doing that, the Loongsleeved Bib can also an excellent cover up for little painters, gardners or chefs. Embrace and enjoy the mess!