Simply The Best Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs are one of the most essential everyday products in any household featuring toddlers and little kids. We've been developing and refining our different kinds for more than 15 years now, and you won’t find any other that has so many benefits and smart functions. Read about them and pick your favourite design from the info below. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Baby Bib

A classic Bib that is anything but traditional. It protects clothes perfectly and is a joy kids to wear and for parents to have around. Just rinse or wipe it clean after each use and it dries up in minutes, ready to go again. The fabric is certified according to Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 for Babies and yet it doesn’t stain easily and gives a perfectly smooth fit without chafing. The wide fit covers both shoulders and chest, and the flexible front pocket catches all spills or crumbs, resulting in less floor scrubbing. You attach it in the neck with a large and soft rip-tape that makes the neck width adjustable.

The DryBib

Wave goodbye to endless outfit changes and hello to the cute collar that makes it all possible. Our DryBibs are drool bibs made of a double layer of cotton, with an ingenious water-repellent membrane in between, making them highly effective and absorbent, yet machine washable for easy care. 

Designed to prevent little droolers´clothes from getting wet and uncomfortable, you just switch to a new one when neede. These are ideal during teething, and you simply can't have too many. 

The Longsleeved Bib

The extended version of the Baby Bib is the Longsleeved Bib, with long sleeves to prevent any needs of changing shirts after eating. Taking it on and off couldn't be any easier thanks to the soft Velcro attachment in the back.

We always encourage exploring and discovering, and thus making a mess, as a way of learning and having fun. When doing that, the Loongsleeved Bib can also an excellent cover up for little painters, gardners or chefs. Embrace and enjoy the mess!

The Pinafore Bib

We're happy to present the new Baby Bib in "Blushing Pink". A dreamy bib in a longer pinafore model, making even the messiest of mealtimes a little bit more stylish.

The long model of the bib makes it very practical and protective against splashes and stains, but not against all the fun. The perfect apron to wear when assembling the birthday cake or when Christmas baking is underway.