Dare To Be Rare – Autumn Winter 2020

Hello little one, and welcome! We want you to remember something. You are born into a world of limitless wonders. A world where white tigers really do exist, and where a setting sun might colour the sky in ways you never thought possible. Maybe that’s not magic, but it will sure feel like it at times.

The Autumn Winter 2020 collection from Elodie is a tribute to the beautiful and diverse world our children arrive in. Our gift to the unique ones that stay wild and to the people who are always proud to pop. Dare to be rare and to stay true to you!

Do the universe a favour little one and never hide your magic

We’ve packed an overloaded and eclectic collection full of white tigers, midnight butterflies and mystical sunsets. The colour palette combines graphical black and white elements set against chocolate, burnt clay and deep blue notes, with a single popping green accent.

White Tigers, Midnight Butterflies and Mystical Sunsets

For this collection, we are introducing three new hand-drawn and eclectic patterns that will make you and your mini-me stand out  White Tiger, Midnight Eye and Winter Sunset. We wanted to create a unique look with the quirky and overloaded details, as diversity is what makes this world beautiful.

Best-In-Test Footmuffs

Modern, durable, and warm: our signature footmuffs are the ultimate winter pieces. These bunting bags have a sophisticated look and do not restrict movement. Made of heat-regulating fabric and reveals a soft and snuggly inside. The outside fabric is treated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO keeping the footmuff wind and water-resistant. We are proud to see the Elodie footmuffs being awarded Best-in-test on many review sites and magazines.

Bags, Bags, Bags

Fashion and function, these are more than just simple changing bags. They are little statements! With the look and feel of a fashionable handbag, we are sure you will use it on all occasions. When caring for your little treasure or when caring for yourself. Either way, you will love all the nice features we've added.

Recycled Fabric

At Elodie, we are passionate about materials and are always striving to find the most sustainable option. New for this season is that we have introduced recycled fabric to our beloved AW20 footmuffs! The outside fabric and padding are made of recycled polyester.

The Design Journey

From the broad strokes to the finer details – at Elodie we design all elements with great affection inhouse. Founder Linda Sätterström is our Creative Director and has together with our team painted all patterns by hand and carefully designed each detail to create the Dare To Be Rare collection.