Fine Dining - for everyone!

The joyous season is almost here, bringing lights and love into our homes. Get inspired for the Holidays and find quality gear that creates (perhaps a somewhat messy) fine dining experience for our youngest ones as well. A beautiful table setting deserves attention to every family member. 

Baby Bibs designed for the occasion

Protect the festive clothing while maintaining the holiday spirit. With our line of Baby Bibs specially designed for the occasion, you get a highly functional way of doing this. We’ve got four different ones so you’ll be able to find the one that matches your carefully selected outfit. 

Quality tableware with discrete design

To make matching the table decorations easier, we’ve got single colored dinner sets with all the functionality you expect from a toddler’s perspective. They are environmentally friendly as well and made from plant-based materials. Or you can go with the timeless yet perfectly pitched “Berså” print of legendary Swedish designer Stig Lindberg. Why not gift these to someone you care about ahead of the festive season? 

Fine dining with little loved ones

With our Eat collection, your little ones can dine in style for the Holiday season and match the grown-ups’ table settings. Stylish cutlery, luxurious baby napkins and napkin rings set the tone and lift the Christmas spirit to the next level. And why not add some beautiful Christmas greenery or a vintage tablecloth to enhance that lovely cosy feeling even further.