Small People For Peace

Elodie’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection has a message to send. It is designed with prints and patterns filled with hope. Sent with the voice of a generation that has just arrived in this world, but already knows what it wants from it. Peace and Happiness.

The collection feature new Footmuffs of various kinds, Changing Bags, Headwear, Mittens and much more. And of course, new clips and pacifiers for true little pacifists who want to make a statement. The colour pallet is cantered around Pink and Blue but updated and attuned for 2023. 

“Creating the theme for a fall collection has never come more natural to me. Every new generation wants and deserves to live in peace and happiness. When you can help give a voice to that message, you always should"

— Linda Sätterström, Creative Director and Founder at Elodie

We love flowery prints and our latest - “Blue Garden” - is filled with little tone-in-tone anemones. “Free Bird” is the defining print of the collection, where olive branches and white doves mingle with the well-known peace sign. 

A collection filled with structured, tactile materials and carefully selected little details. But most importantly, filled with a message that can never be repeated enough times. Small people for peace!