New members joining the Snuggle Club

This autumn, two new members have joined our dearest Snuggle Club! It is a quirky, loving combination of strong personalities and each snuggle has its own special place in our hearts. With our Dare To Be Rare collection we’ve had the chance to welcome a couple of additions to our growing snuggle family. Two friends who love and care for each other, but with very different personalities.

Popping Green Pauline

Popping Green Pauline is the rebellious free spirit that can never be kept down. She never misses an opportunity to right what’s wrong in the world. Pauline lifts you up when you are down and gives you the courage and strength you need to walk your own way in life.

White Tiger Walter

White Tiger Walter, on the other hand, is a caring soul who keeps his words gentle and his voice down. He sees your positive sides and is always quick to affirm them. Your soft-spoken friend Walter, who makes you feel good about being you.