Linda's Stroller Style Guide

Our popular MONDO Stroller® is a design-masterpiece on its own. But, by adding your favourite accessories you will reach that personal touch that we all crave.
Sit back, enjoy and get inspired as Linda shows you her favourite styles for the season. Presenting three different styles combined with new beautiful accessories and stroller gear from our dreamy spring collection.
Do you prefer matching colours and prints for that tonal touch, or maybe eye-catching colour combinations that stands out?

Green Grace

By mixing solid colors, like our creamy Gelato Green, with expressive patterns, you get an eye-catching and well-thought-out look.

Sleek Simplicity

Stylish and timeless color combinations with trendy material choices that creates that tonal touch and a big city vibe.

Pink Panache

Solid yet suttle shades of Pink, together with patterned accessories that are matched to perfection.