Welcome to the World

Presenting Welcome to the World - A collection celebrating the arrival of new life, with several novel products that can make the first months of parenthood even more beautiful! Discover all the news from the collection below!

Welcoming expecting parents and new little families

With the launch of this new collection we have expanded our range of newborn products for those first months with a cosy new family member. Discover our new Cosy Baby Nest, charming Glass Feeding Bottles, calming Teethers with wood detailing, blankets, napkins, pacifiers and other pretty products for expecting parents and newborn babies to fall in love with.

All designed in timeless, tonal and tranquil shades that create a harmonic surrounding in every newborn's little nest.

Trusty Tableweare

One of our favourite pieces of the collection is this beautiful Silicone Bowl Set. Made of virtually unbreakable, heat-resistant and BPA-free material, and designed with rounded edges and a smart suction pad underneath, these cleaver beauties will stick to any surface, helping first-time eaters get the most out of their meals, and giving you less floor scrubbing as a bonus. Together with a wooden and silicone spoon, the Silicone Bowls Sets comes in four tonal colours.

Cosy and comfortable cocooning

Joining the Elodie family is the new practical Portable Baby Nest, that provides your newborn with a cosy and comfortable environment that you easily and safely move from room to room while at home or on your travels. A soft foam mattress fitted on top of a sturdy lightweight plate, combined with the extra-long straps make it very easy to lift and move smoothly and without rocking or shaking that could disturb the peaceful sleep of your baby.

"I'm very happy that we are widening Eodie's selection of products for expecting parents and new little families!"

— Linda Sätterström, Creative Director and Founder at Elodie

Your new favourite Feeding Bottles

These gorgeous Glass Feeding Bottles are as practical as they are cute. Made from temperature-resistant borosilicate glass with a food-grade casing, these bottles can withstand temperatures from freezing to boiling. The material makes them lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant and the glass is naturally free from any harmful substances. We made sure to design a wide bottle neck, to make cleaning as easy and quick as possible, creating more time for snuggles.

Tender teething time

Are these the cutest thing you have ever seen or what? These little beauties are a lifesaver when the first teeth are coming in and your babies´ gums are aching or itching. Designed for little ones to chew on to relieve some of the pain, the wooden ring is naturally antibacterial, non-splintering and non-toxic. And the cute little ears are made with a thin cotton muslin weave that little fingers will love to grasp and play with.