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Decorating Kids Spaces

Decorating Kids Spaces | Elodie Details

Decorating kids spaces – thoughts and ideas from Elodie Details

Elodie Details’ HOME assortment has grown steadily since we introduced it some 5 years ago, especially in the last two seasons. We’re happy that you, our fans and consumers around the world, seem to share our love for well designed everyday items. Every now and then we can introduce a little innovation as well, such as the new “StyleMyWeek” that you can read more about here.

Decorating a toddler’s room is always fun. Sometimes you might have just a little closet to work with, sometimes a large and spacious area. Sometimes it’s a room for just one child, sometimes it’s a shared room. Regardless of which, only your imagination sets the limits of what you can do. Themes, patterns and colors are obviously a matter of taste and preference, but here are a few pointers we feel are important.

1. “Floorfillers” Both you and your child will be spending a lot of time on the floor, so make sure you have a mat or rug that makes this pleasant. It can be a thick rugmat or a padded play mat. The important thing is that it is soft, as a few head first collisions with the floor are bound to happen when you’re a little one growing up.

2. “Quick-Pick-Up” Provide a large basket for quick-pick-up and storage. There will sooner or later be hundreds of toys in your house, and to keep them interesting it’s a good idea to circulate maybe 20 at a time. These will at the end of the day be spread out literally all over the floor. Quickly picking them up at the end of the day and just tossing them in the basket is a good way to reduce stress and avoid conflicts. The “quick-pick-up” solution.

3. “The right height”. Around the time your child reaches the first birthday, they will be involved in the complicated practice of learning how to walk. Installing shelves, a table or a bench with the right height (around 40-60 cm) helps them in that training process. A place to build Legos, drive a toy car or just hammer away at. It can get pretty wild, so glass tables are to be avoided 😉

4. “Styling!” Yes, obviously we can’t help but feel this is an aspect you shouldn’t neglect just because it’s a child’s room. Decorating is and should be fun for everyone.
Go with a maximum of 3-5 colours that harmonize well with each other. Go to your local paint retailer and pick out the little sample cards they have there or buy little samples of paint to play around with. And while you are there you should pick up the inspirational brochures from the paint manufacturers, as they are usually really

Cosy Pillows are important. Preferably larger ones in a corner of the room, with books near at hand.
If you have shelves or a bookcase for toys, organize them according to theme. Stuffed animals and dolls on one shelve, cars and tractors on another, books on a third and so on. This both makes it look organized for the eye, and helps your child know where to look for a certain favourite.
Mount a wooden board with hooks on the wall. Perfect to place out tomorrows outfit, a super hero costume, or that extra special thing your child wants to put on display for all to see.
Mount a swing from the ceiling. A time tested way to get kids activated, more needed today than ever before. So keeping it near at hand all year round is very positive. You don’t actually need a big room to do this. Kids have a fantastic ability to adapt to the space provided. Check out IKEAs large selection of swings and similar playthings for inspiration.
Last but not least, as a styling tip, buy second hand furniture and renovate them using you 3-5 colour scheme. Much more fun, and much more original.
Good luck!