Guide – How to choose the right footmuff

Since introducing our first footmuff in 2005, we have grown increasingly passionate about them. Our footmuffs are the ultimate winter pieces and universally compatible with all strollers, prams, and pushchairs on the market. This season we welcome a brand-new model that is specifically designed for perfect performance in your Baby Car Seat.

Choosing a footmuff that fits your baby’s needs, your style, and the weather outside can sometimes be quite tricky. Here we have put together a guide of our models to help you chose the right one, complete with a temperature scale that indicates in which conditions you will get the most use out of it.

The Classic Footmuff

The original in style and comfort

With contemporary style and attention to all the small but essential details, these exclusive footmuffs have become a favourite for many design-minded parents, and have been awarded Best-in-test by many review sites and magazines. The outer fabric is wind- and water-resistant with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, and the inside is beyond cosy and soft. The classic footmuff is also flexible to regulate in temperature. You can easily open the top part, partly, or remove it altogether. 

This footmuff is a good and safe choice for the quality-minded parent that wants a practical footmuff that can be used for many years and by several children. Since it’s such a popular style, we’ve made sure to offer it in many colours and seasonal prints.

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The Lightweight Down Footmuff

Fluffy and light as a cloud

Our line of Lightweight Down Footmuffs is ultimate in comfort and warmth for your baby. The down and feather filling drapes itself to tiny bodies and surrounds them with warmth. We have continued to develop and improve on these beauties for over a decade. The result is a durable high-end product with plenty of smart features.

The Lightweight Down Footmuff is perfect on the go, as it easily converts to tiny travel size. Our newest model has a built-in pouch with straps that smoothly lets you convert it to a compact size. Our alternative model comes with an ultra-small storage pouch included, making it easy to bring along when out and about. It is also exceptionally lightweight and will not make your luggage any heavier than it needs to be.

The down filling is quality tested and approved by IDFL, a world-leading down and feather laboratory. This footmuff style is the ultimate choice for your comfort and your baby’s warmth during cold winter days.

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The Convertible Footmuff

Transforms to seat cushion for year-round use

This is your new best friend for the stroller, pushchair, or pram. A smart 2-in-1 product for year-round use. At the base is a good looking and well-fitted stroller cushion that makes the ride wonderfully comfortable. But in less than 10 seconds you can zip on the lid and create a footmuff that is protective, warming, and cosy. Perfect when daytime is hot, but the night gets colder, or when the weather is unpredictable.

The lid is lined with a soft cotton jersey that feels smooth against the skin and makes outside napping easy as a breeze. The zippers are premium quality and very easy to operate. Look for the many other matching stroller accessories in our assortment to create a personal, practical, and pretty stroller experience for you and your child.

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The Baby Overall-Footmuff

Smooth care everywhere – for our tiniest ones

The Baby Overall-Footmuff has the perfect fit for your little treasure’s first 12 months of travelling adventures. It is great for smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor conditions. You can convert it from an overall to a footmuff by opening or closing the zipper at the bottom. Double zip openings over the chest enable quick access, plus an easy way to regulate temperature. 

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The Car Seat Footmuff

Cold climate traveling made easy!

Keep your little one protected from rain, wind, and cold weather with this cosy and smart product. Elodie’s car seat footmuffs have universal fit and is designed to fit in all standard rear-facing infant car seats on the market today.  It lets you bring your infant along on car rides without the need for bulky clothing. The padded outer fabric and luxurious pile lining keeps your baby warm even in the coldest of weathers.

The smooth, high-quality zippers open at both ends to make it easy to get your child in and out of the car seat, and the fold down front flap offers instant temperature control. The large hood shields against winds and maintains warmth. When not needed the hood can be opened and folded away, using a built-in zipper. The footmuff is completely machine washable and easy to keep fresh and clean. 

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Recycled Fabric

We put devotion in material selection and are always striving to find the most sustainable option. In many of our beloved footmuffs the outside fabric and padding are made with recycled polyester.