Get the Look - SS/22 Poolside Playtime Edition

We don't know about you, but this summer we’re hoping to see more Pool Party invitations than ever before. And of course, you always want to party in style. We’ve curated three amazing looks to copy or get inspired by, as your little one prepares for new poolside adventures.

Look #1 - Ocean Voyager

The prefect set for the cool cruiser who opts for a comfortable yet put together look. The different hues of blue remind us of inviting oceans and coastal cities lite Positano and Portofino. A little gentleman always shows up prepared. A Bath Robe is essential for any and every bath situation, a pacifier won't get lost if attached to a pacifier clip. A Snuggle companion will come in handy if a sudden urge to cuddle hits, and of course no one should leave the house without a soft Blanket. There, your little cruiser is ready!

Look #2 - Little Miss Sweetheart

A true showstopper at any pool party! Mixing delicious popsicle pink with vibrant red is the perfect way to express your happy, bubbly personality. Now, this outfit is as protective as it is cute. The Baby Bib protects any outfit from melting popsicles and the Sun Hats protects the face and neck from the sun, allowing the little ones to enjoy and indulge accordingly. The Bath Poncho is great for keeping dry and warm, all while having free mobility to stay active. Because activity is what any pool party should be all about.

Look #3 - Sunshine Chill 

Get out in the sun – make sure you have fun! This composition lets “Sunny Day Yellow” get the spotlight, while “Pure Khaki” provides some grounded balance, and “Lemon Sprinkles” binds them together beautifully. A pretty Poncho topped with the protective and brand-new Bucket Hat is your base party outfit. The blanket, pacifier and clip are appreciated accessories for all the little intermissions (OK, naps) that rookie party goers so often require.