Elodie x Morris & Co

Elodie are pleased to announce the release of a unique collection, where the well-known and deeply loved prints of the legendary William Morris take centre stage.
As one of the most influential and pioneering figures within the late 19th century’s Arts and Crafts movement, his creations have decorated homes all over the world for well over a century and is constantly finding new audiences.

With this co-lab Elodie wants to bring these iconic creations in to our children’s world. Together with Morris & Co we have created a beautiful range of products where we let some of his most cherished designs adorn many of our most appreciated products.

Sun Hat Perfection with Pimpernel

"Pimpernel" is one of William Morris’ most famous designs, created in 1876. The pattern is formed of large, sensual tulips and their curling leaves, punctuated by small blue pimpernel flowers.

In this co-lab we've applied this iconic pattern on many of our most popular products. Like this beautiful new Sun Hat with a large and trendy brim. An incredible addition to our headwear range that ensures a stylish look and safe playtimes in the sun.


Designed for your Journey

The true centerpiece of the collection is the new Elodie MONDO Stroller in "Pimpernel".
Together with Morris & Co. we have designed a Stroller with golden chassi, adorned with beige details and a solid handle in luxurious vegan leather.
If you're looking for a unique Stroller that will turn a few heads on your next outing - this one is for you. 

New Pacifier and Clips

The collection brings us a brand new Pacifier in the modern "Standen" print together with two new Pacifier Clips; "Owl & Willow" and, of course, "Pimpernel".
The color combinations, reminicent of a green summer valley, are perfect matches with all other products from this co-lab.  But they certainly pop on their own and can elevate any look or outfit.

"This co-lab has been a dream come true for me personally. I love how every William Morris print can feel absolutely timeless and modern at the same time. The Elodie MONDO Stroller with its ‘Pimpernel‘ fabrics, golden frame and leather details is one of the products that I am most proud to have been a part of creating."

— Linda Sätterström

Practical and Iconic

The popular Soft Shell Changing Bag has arrived in a new style. And it's so much more than just a diaper bag. With the look and feel of an exclusive handbag, we believe you will use it on all occasions. When caring for your little treasure or when caring for yourself. Either way you will love the premium feel, the high quality and all the nice features we’ve added.

Bring your plain accessories or your single colored stroller to life with this eye-catching Changing Bag in the beautiful "Pimpernel" print, or step up your style game even more with other matching products from the co-lab.

Cozy moments

Comfort and design are mixed together when creating these three new Blankets for our toddlers to enjoy. Introducing the Soft Cotton Blanket with the playful "Owl & Willow" print that make it look like a Victorian era tapestry. And two other snuggly new favourites - the Bamboo Muslin Blankets in the stunning "Standen" and "Pimpernel" prints.

Ideal for comfy slumbers and naps, both at home and in the stroller, for the summer picnic or as a decorative accessory. Easy to roll up and bring on all adventures!

Iconic creations for our children

William Morris was born in Essex, England in 1834. He was a designer, craftsman, writer and poet. His designs for furniture, fabrics, wallpaper, and other decorative arts generated the Arts and Crafts movement in England and revolutionized Victorian taste.

We've based the collection around two of his most iconic prints, "Pimpernel" and "Standen". To this we've added the wonderfully expresionist "Owl & Willow", a new design developed by Morris & Co, the modern day caretakers of his heritage.
Check out the entire assortment and see how Elodie managed to bring the classics and the contemporary together in a collection you can't look past.