Gifts for the Naming Ceremony

The naming ceremony is the baby’s first big event and a chance to gather all the loved ones to meet the little miracle. A christening gift is kept for years to come and something for the family to remember the beautiful ceremony. The baptism gift should be pretty yet practical, and we have made a gift guide fit for the special occasion.

Preserve for a lifetime

Refined cutlery and subtle napkin rings wrapped around embroidered baby napkins create memories of shared moments. These timeless classics can be inherited and used for generations to come. Make these pieces even more personal and unique by adding a beautiful engraving or embroidery with the baby's name, birth date or even a special quote.

House of Elodie

Designed to upcycle with three necessities in one – House of Elodie is the ultimate baby gym, snuggle house and clothing rack. This unique multi-use product becomes three different products depending on how you choose to combine the wooden frame. As the baby grows older, House of Elodie can be transformed to match the current need. It’s a thoughtful and creative gift that will continue to bring joy for many years.

Happiness is born

An appreciated gift is to compose a lovely kit complete with a blanket, blinkie, pacifier and matching pacifier clip. Everything needed to keep the little one happy and content. We recommend going for subtle colours that never go out of style.

Delightful Dinner Sets

Another popular gift for naming ceremonies is the child’s first set of plates, cups and bowls. Maybe eating on their own is still some months away, but it’s good to know you are prepared when the time comes. We have a wide variety of sets with smart features as well as beautiful design. 

A Snuggly friend

Possibly the most common gift of all for these occasions are soft toys of various kinds. At Elodie we offer a wide variety of different little personalities. All made with high quality materials and workmanship to ensure that this friend stays for years and years as the child grows.