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Elodie MONDO Stroller

Elodie MONDO Stroller® is a lightweight and compact stroller that provides excellent comfort for both parent and child. Generous storage and smart solutions make it the ultimate travel stroller as it can be folded down to cabin-approved size for on-board air travel. This is a light yet surprisingly robust stroller that guarantees a comfortable ride for your baby or toddler and offers smooth manoeuvering for you as a parent.

Easy to use
Equipped with reclining backrests and extendable footrests, our buggies can be adjusted into a comfy full sleeping position, ideal for your baby’s naptime. The “paparazzi” canopy features a smart, built-in sun protection UPF 50+, for your baby to be safe from the sun resting in a peaceful and snug environment.

The MONDO Stroller is drivable by one hand and equipped with 360-degrees silent wheels. It converts to a tiny IATA-certified travel size by one-handed folding and unfolding, and the wheels are detachable.

Smart storage solutions
Make sure that you have extra space for all your necessities while on-the-go. Our MONDO Stroller comes with the “Stow & Go Backpack”, which allows you to transform your storage unit into a handy backpack within seconds. What’s more, you can also attach it onto your cabin luggage, making it the ideal travel gear.

Perfect stroller for travel
With a weight of just 6,7 kilos and the ability to quickly fold down to just 54x42x18 cm this is a great stroller for travel. It has the right measurements to be taken on a plane as carry-on luggage with most airlines. Despite its low weight and compact size, it is strong enough to support a weight of up to 22 kilo, making it a good option for older children as well ass babies. 

Many stroller accessories
Add-ons such as bumper bars, car seat adaptors and coffee cup holders are available to purchase separately to customize your stroller.

Other accessories that can be bought and used with the MONDO Stroller include:

  • Footmuff
  • Changing Bag or Diaper Bag
  • Stroller Parasol or Umbrella
  • Rain Cover
  • Cosycushion
  • Protection Lock (code-locks are a good choice so you won’t have to worry about losing the key)  

How to choose the right stroller for you
There are many things to consider when you decide what stroller to buy for your family. Weight and dimensions can be very important if for instance you have a car with limited loading capacity, if you live in a building without an elevator (or a very small elevator) and will need to carry it up and down stairs. If you often take longer walks or intend to use the stroller for extend periods of time, it is preferable with a stroller that can recline to full sleeping position for the child. The canopy is also important to consider if there is sleeping involved. The MONDO stroller has a canopy that extends extra long and creates a calm and protected sleeping environment. It also has UPF-50 sun protection which is important on sunny days. The size of the wheels is important if you intend to use the stroller on more than “easy” surfaces. A larger wheel-set gives a much more comfortable ride on uneven surfaces such as gravel roads or cobblestone. If you travel a lot by car you may want to consider a stroller that has a car seat adapter you can attach. This makes getting in and out of the car a whole lot faster and smoother. Very practical if your baby is asleep.

Elodie MONDO Stroller Q&A
We have gathered the most common questions and answers for you. Read our Q&A here.