When we talk about upcycling, multi-functionality is perhaps the most central aspect and the one area where creativity and a deep understanding of your customers come in to play. It’s long been a passion for our founder and Creative Director Linda Sätterström. Here are her own words;

Multi-function by Linda

"Upcycling through multi-function is a way of thinking for me. Every product I develop should have the potential for a second life after its original purpose has been fulfilled. It could be as a highly functional office bag or just something as simple as a cleaning cloth. There is an inherent problem in that life with a baby or toddler requires so many new items in your home, and yet that life only lasts a few years. It’s a tough task to manage in a sustainable way. So, what can you do? Buy less and try to think one step further with every purchase. What further use can this have? Do I want to buy a changing bag that we’ll only use for two years, or do I get the one that will last for 15? What is an environmentally responsible decision? The other thing is that when you get tired of a product, always ask yourself “what else can this be used for?”, or failing that “Who else might benefit from this product now?” I’ve listed a few of my favourite upcycling suggestions here: 

Changing Bag

I design all our changing bags so that they can be used for any situation, such as at the office or at the gym. Read more about how the changing bags from Elodie Details are designed for multiuse here. 

Play Mat

It really doesn’t make any sense to buy a large and expensive mat that you’ll only use for a year, does it? Not for the environment and not for your wallet. I’ve tried to develop and design our Play Mats so that they’ll be useful from the day you arrive home with your newborn until they turn 10. Even longer if you want. It’s OEKO-TEX 100-certified, so infants are perfectly safe sleeping on them. Then you move on to crawling and walking exercises, then Legos, storytime, pillow fights or maybe building a little fortress. The options are endless. It’s washable, dual-sided and very heavy-duty so I’ve seen people using it at the beach and on picnics. Finally, the design elements are contemporary and adult enough that you can repurpose it in pretty much any room of the house.


The ultimate Organizer is a great product that many parents use as a way of quickly accessing the most essential care items when out with your stroller. You hang it right at the top of the stroller handles, it’s great! But when I designed it I did so with the intention of it also becoming the best travelling toilet bag you ever owned. It’s large enough to hold a full-sized shampoo bottle, the loop on the lid lets you hang it from a hook on the wall, and the zipper (which many other organizers miss) makes it a lot easier to travel with. Multi-function!


This is our version of a toilet bag developed to perfectly fit nappies and wet wipes. However, there are hundreds of other potential uses for it when the nappy days are over. Toys, dummies, crayons, nail polish, makeup, chargers, sunglasses and so on. At home, in the car, on the train, in your handbag, on a plane. I personally guarantee you’ll use this product for life.