Report counterfeit products

Elodie Details innovative baby products are increasingly being copied by counterfeiters around the world, and our challenges in preventing fake Elodie Details products from reaching the market is steadily growing. We are now using the latest technology and experts in this area, who deal with counterfeits and falsely advertised products every day. We are confident that these new measures will reduce the number of counterfeits. We also ask you, our valued customers, to be cautious over counterfeit sites and help us remove these listings from the market when ever possible.


As a responsible manufacturer of baby products, Elodie Details always maintain the highest standards for safety, non-toxic materials, quality and workmanship. The same cannot be said of those producing counterfeit products. Even if their product look and feel genuine, they are unlikely to comply to the high regulatory requirements of the baby industry. Their chemical composition is most likely not even known.

Besides these obvious safety concerns, there are many other reasons to be cautious. Counterfeiters might not even send the item you ordered, it may take several weeks to receive the item or they may use your payment card details for other illegal purposes.

It's illegal

Counterfeiters often attempt to clone the official Elodie Details website using the images Elodie Details have produced or which has appeared in Elodie Details various social media channels. Counterfeiters may then apply heavy discounts for all products to attract you to their site. The product pages may look almost identical to Elodie Details website to look official, trustworthy and appealing for you to buy from, but the counterfeiters are using those images illegally and are not in any way affiliated with Elodie Details.

Copying products is illegal and hurts both customers and businesses. A trademark is a word, logotype, slogan, colour or shape that identifies and distinguishes the source or origin of a product or service. All trademarks belonging to Elodie Details are important and valuable assets for our company. Trademarks, brand names and corporate logos belonging to Elodie Details may not be used in any way without the prior written permission from Elodie Details.

If you've bought a Counterfeit Product

If you believe you have bought a counterfeit product, you may be able to seek a refund from your bank or debit/credit card provider as a victim of counterfeit fraud. If you are seeking such a refund and wish for Elodie Details to provide an authentication statement, then please contact us through We will need you to provide the website URL and, for assessment and inspection purposes, at least five photographs of the item/s believed to be counterfeit in as much detail as possible. We are only able to confirm whether we believe the item is counterfeit or not following an inspection of your photographs.

Please note we're not able to reimburse money used to purchase items from counterfeiters, but by taking online enforcement action and assisting customers, Elodie Details are doing its part in eliminating future incidents of counterfeiting.

We are also not able to provide authentication statements in relation to the sale of second-hand products bought on eBay or other online auction sites.

You can help

Have you found a product online or a suspicious website that appears to be fake or counterfeit? Click here to report it and help us keep unsafe products of the market.