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    Elodie Details ist eine schwedische Designermarke, die Linda Sätterström in Stockholm in 2005 gründet hat, kurz nachdem ihre Tochter Elodie geboren wurde. Die Voraussetzung war, alltägliche Babyprodukte durch eine einzigartige Kombination aus Nützlichkeit, Design und Haltbarkeit in hochwertige Modeaccessoires zu verwandeln. Seitdem hat sich ihr ehemaliges Hobby in eine Designfirma mit einem kompletten Sortiment an innovativen Babyprodukten entwickelt, die das Leben mit Kindern verschönern. Und jedes Produkt ist so konstruiert, dass es eine lange Lebensdauer hat - durch die Herstellung langlebiger und multifunktionaler Artikel will Elodie Details die Nachhaltigkeit durch Upcycling (d.h. Abfallveredelung) fördern.


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    At home with Angelica Svanström

    At home with Angelica Svanström | Elodie Details - Angelica Svanström is a creative genius, influencer, photographer and filmmaker that portrays her surroundings in a magical way. She recently became a mother to little Lova, and we got invited into her beautiful home on the countryside, to have a peek inside her baby nursery and talk motherhood. Tell us about yourself? My name is Angelica and I’m a mother of one little angel, Lova. Tom is the love of my life and we live together on the countryside where we’re planning to grow our family for a while or maybe stay forever. Who knows? I work as a freelance photographer and influencer. I live by passion for creativity and love spending time with family and friends.  What feeling did you want to create in the baby room? I love the antique look with a touch of romance. I want it to be cosy and magical. I want her to feel like a princess in her little castle. Where she can play as much as she wants.  Which are your most treasured items in the baby nursery? My favourite piece is definitely the Clothing Rack from Elodie! I hang every piece I can find from the floor on it and it looks gorgeous. And it keeps the baby nursery super neat.  How would you describe your style, and has it changed since giving birth? I have always lived by feeling. If I feel for a crazy skirt I put in on. Sometimes I wear just a causal black outfit and the other day I go all in on that summer boho free sprite style. You never know how I will enter the party. What has surprised you most by becoming a parent? Nothing has really surprised me, although everything is thousands of times better than I could ever imagine. Something I wasn’t really prepared for was the constant worrying, I mean I can’t even imagine letting her go to school on her own, or even go to the playground. I was afraid of death before Lova, now I’m terrified. I wish I could keep her safe in my arms forever so nothing bad would ever happen to her. But that’s impossible cause I also want her to run free. Ouch. It hurts. I can finally understand why my mother was so annoying back in the days and why she still calls me 10 times a day.  As a creative person, where does your inspiration comes from? Most of my inspiration comes from within, from life experiences, from magazines, Pinterest and social media.  How do you balance your work life with being a mother? I just do it even if it’s hard sometimes. It’s so fun and I have too much energy and inspiration to just wait. Life is happening right in this moment and we have the best, loving family around helping us.  Which are your three favourites from Elodie’s Home collection? My favourites are the Zip&Go, the Play Mat and the Clothing Rack from House of Elodie! Go follow Angelica on her Instagram account @angelickpicture to see more of her beautiful work!   SHOP THE LOOK Elodie Details online kaufen. Offizieller Online-Shop. Jetzt bestellen!

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    New members of the Snuggle Club

    New members of the Snuggle Club | Elodie Details - This spring two new long-awaited members are joining the Elodie Snuggle Club – the coolest crew there is if you ask us. Let's give a warm welcome to Humble Hugo the Elephant and Kindly Konrad the Giraffe! Both Kindly Konrad and Humble Hugo have piles of charm and are bound to be lifelong companions of little toddlers and babies. They are joining the Snuggle Club in Elodie’s SS/20 collection Weaves of Kindness, that grew from the mantra “Kindness is our Superpower!”  And honestly, what better message is there? Firstly, let us introduce Humble Hugo the Elephant. He is a loving fellow with a big heart and loyal personality. He is a wonderful friend and guaranteed to be your child’s number one supporter. Secondly, we are welcoming Kindly Konrad the Giraffe. A gentle soul with affectionate charisma and a kind-hearted character. Kindly Konrad is always devoted to your little one and a partner for life.   SHOP SNUGGLES Elodie Details online kaufen. Offizieller Online-Shop. Jetzt bestellen!

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    Weaves of Kindness

    Weaves of Kindness | Elodie Details - “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Let us introduce our Spring/Summer 2020 collection – Weaves of Kindness. This little quote is a favourite of ours and we’ve kept it as a guiding star throughout the whole process of creating the collection. We believe that kindness is never wasted, and you will find it in every corner of the world. People act kindly towards each other every day. It is without a doubt our most important quality as humans. Kindness is our superpower!   Kindness creates the threads of which we weave relationships and even entire communities. Many of the fabrics in our new collection are also weaved, but of yarn-dyed threads of linen and softest cotton. We’ve been looking for an authentic texture and a sand-washed feeling that the desert sun can create. The earthy inspiration in the patterns emphasize this look, and we bind it together with frequent use of frays, tassels and brown leather. The colour base ranges from chocolate brown through sand and vanilla to arrive at bleached and burnt tones of blue and pink. For this collection we are welcoming the new Cellular Blanket and a classically shaped Baby Bonnet.   Explore the entire collection     SHOP THE LOOK Elodie Details online kaufen. Offizieller Online-Shop. Jetzt bestellen!

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