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New members of the Snuggle Club

New members of the Snuggle Club | Elodie Details

This spring two new long-awaited members are joining the Elodie Snuggle Club – the coolest crew there is if you ask us. Let's give a warm welcome to Humble Hugo the Elephant and Kindly Konrad the Giraffe!

Both Kindly Konrad and Humble Hugo have piles of charm and are bound to be lifelong companions of little toddlers and babies. They are joining the Snuggle Club in Elodie’s SS/20 collection Weaves of Kindness, that grew from the mantra “Kindness is our Superpower!”  And honestly, what better message is there?

Firstly, let us introduce Humble Hugo the Elephant. He is a loving fellow with a big heart and loyal personality. He is a wonderful friend and guaranteed to be your child’s number one supporter.

Secondly, we are welcoming Kindly Konrad the Giraffe. A gentle soul with affectionate charisma and a kind-hearted character. Kindly Konrad is always devoted to your little one and a partner for life.



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