Guide – How do I choose the right footmuff?
Choosing the right footmuff or overall for your little one can be quite tricky. Let us tell you a little more about each one so you can get the most suitable for your needs.
An eater’s guide for tiny people
We know that babies and toddlers eating habits can be somewhat tricky to figure out, especially as a first-time parent. Here is your go-to guide.
Launching the EAT collection
We proudly introduce our brand new EAT collection, with children’s tableware in beautiful colours and renewable materials. It is simple, beautiful, and sustainable.
The Birthday Gift Guide
Are you having trouble picking gifts for a little miracle’s birthday? Well, look no further — we have listed some beautiful birthday gifts for the newborn’s, one-, two- and three-year-old’s special day.
Snapshots with Emilia Schöller in Berlin
Emilia Schöller is the content creator behind Instagram account @_pommegranate, where she shares inspirational moments from her life as a mother to her two-year-old baby girl T.
Snapshots with Hana Lê Van in Paris
Fashion photographer Hana Lê Van (@journeyintolavillelumiere) is based in Paris, where she lives with her husband and adorable two-year-old daughter Livia. Hana went for a stroll with her new Elodie MONDO Stroller in the colour Moonshell and shared some of her favourite spots in the city of lights.
Snapshots with Florine Duif in Amsterdam
Florine Duif inspires many with her edgy yet feminine style, and we got some snapshots of Florine and her family out and about with the new Elodie MONDO Stroller.
Preparing for Arrival
We’ve listed three easy tips that do wonders during the first weeks with a newborn.
Introducing House of Elodie
Designed to upcycle with three necessities in one – House of Elodie is your ultimate Baby Gym, Snuggle House and Clothing Rack.
At home with Eileen von Berckefeldt
Eileen von Berckefeldt is a mother of two wonderful and lively kids – Lola and Levi. We stopped by her gorgeous 70’s bungalow in Hannover to have a peek inside her kids’ rooms and get inspired by her casual yet elegant style.
At home with Mathilde Merlin
Mathilde Merlin lives in Lille with her family of two sweet boys and their father. Her home is as beautiful as it is inspirational, with a charming mix of old and new, and that lovely vintage vibe throughout. We visited Mathilde in her home to get a closer look at her interior decor and kid’s room.
At home with Angelica Svanström
Angelica Svanström is a creative genius, influencer, photographer and filmmaker that portrays her surroundings in a magical way. She recently became a mother to little Lova, and we got invited into her beautiful home on the countryside, to have a peek inside her baby nursery and talk motherhood.
New members of the Snuggle Club
This spring two new long-awaited members are joining the Elodie Snuggle Club – the coolest crew there is if you ask us. Let's give a warm welcome to Humble Hugo the Elephant and Kindly Konrad the Giraffe!
Weaves of Kindness
“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Let us introduce our Spring/Summer 2020 collection – Weaves of Kindness.