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Becoming a Parent

Becoming a Parent | Elodie Details

What’s it like becoming a parent?

15th of february, 2018

There are as many answers to that question as there are parents of course. Dr. Cox on the show SCRUBS said it’s like “having a dog that slowly learns how to talk…” Whereas others are a bit more poetic in their description of becoming a parent. Try a google search for “poems about becoming a parent” and if you’re in the right mood you can be sitting there all teary eyed for a couple of hours.

No matter how you approach it, we at Elodie Details strongly recommend to try and remember who YOU are, or used to be, in the process. Don’t give up your love for good design for instance, because you don’t have to. Treat yourself to things that you like and keep surrounding yourself with pretty objects, same as you (probably) always have. They can be a help on days when there has been no sleep and there is no sleep coming. (because we’re not going to lie, there will be those days).

We invited some of our favourite new mothers to a round table discussion on the subject of becoming a parent. Their expectations compared to the actual experiences. The results where interesting and more from that will follow here in the weeks to come. But one thing they all agreed on is that setting up a nice changing table before the baby arrives is a good idea. So allow us to give a few pointers, and to recommend some of or own favourite items.

When you're setting up your baby's nursery, organizing the changing table probably seems like an obvious task — diapers, wipes, a comfy spot for the little one — right? As it turns out, babies generally don't enjoy the process of diapers being taken on and off, and squirming and crying can make mom or dad’s mission a bit more complicated than expected. Here are our must haves for creating an efficient and organized space to ensure a pleasant (or, pleasant enough) changing experience for all.

1) Keep your little one's hands busy with a handheld toy like Blinkie Bo

2) Your changing pad cover is likely to get soiled (trust us), so make sure that you have an extra one to swap out when it's time to hit the laundry. Our Changing Pad covers come in packs of two and are OEKO-TEX certified and stylish as shit!

3) Hand sanitizer! Chances are you won’t be able to set up your changing table next to a sink and soap, so this may prove necessary.

4) A Musical Mobile. Your first instinct is probably to hang a musical mobile above your baby's crib. Putting it (or a second one) above the changing table, however, is a great diversion for an antsy babe!

5) Keep clutter at bay with a Zip & Go where you can stash your essentials. It’s also handy enough to just zip up and put in your bag when it’s time for an outing.

6) A diaper disposal system. A diaper disposal with a tight, secure lid may not be the most glamorous item on your baby registry, but you absolutely must have one within arm's reach of your changing table — trust us!

To round things up (and probably have you sold completely on the idea), here’s a pinterest board we’ve set up showcasing our favourites for the changing table.

Good luck with your project! (and we don’t just mean the changing table)

/ Elodie Details

Blinkie - Bonnie