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THE STORY | Elodie Details

Valleys of Himalaya

6 sep, 2018

It’s now been a week since the release of the new autumn collection, and reactions so far have been overwhelmingly positive. We sat down with founder and Creative Director Linda Sätterström to learn a bit more about how this collection was created.

Linda, what was your starting point for this collection?
When I started planning for it, my basic idea was that I wanted to create something a bit different from what we usually do. You know, kind of throw the rules out the window and just create. I wanted a collection with a lot of patterns where you felt compelled to mix and use them together, layer upon layer, without them necessarily “matching”. And I guess I wanted to move away from the world of pastels where we’ve been living for a while now. 

So you started looking for inspiration?
Yes, and it took a while before I discovered the folk art and crafts of Tibet, where this approach seems to have been used since forever. There are patterns on everything! And they use layers upon layers of different colours, patterns and materials. Brass, gold, leather, fur - I just fell completely in love with it and felt I wanted to incorporate this aesthetic in our collection.Are the prints authentically Tibetan then?  
No, you couldn’t say that. I think it would be difficult to apply them directly to baby accessories. My team and I brought the inspiration with us down to Milan, where we spent a few days in the fashion district trying to figure out how to adapt that Himalayan feel to our western audience. We found a lot of inspiration in ways of applying it, especially in an art exhibit in the Rossana Orlandi gallery. 

Around town there where scarves everywhere, and we realized we could make our blanket prints in “scarves-patterns”, which was really fun to do. And monkeys, monkeys everywhere. Perfect since there are indeed monkeys in Nepal and Tibet, and since a cheeky little monkey is a great way to introduce the more playful feel we always try to keep in our collections. So Playful Pepe became sort of the figure head for this collection. Also, the fur trend from 2017 was obviously still going strong, so developing Not FUReal as part of the collection was a given. The faux fur Stroller Bag is quite unique, and unique stuff is always fun to create. In fact, I think this collection is the most fun I’ve ever had developing. 

Was it all fun, or where there any difficult challenges?
Not really, the only hard part was not going overboard and creating too much. When your approach is that anything goes, and everything can work well together, then you end up with a lot of ideas and only so many of them can be realized. So, a lot of fully developed prints had to be thrown out. 

Finally, any advice on how to make this collection work best for your customers?
Well, as I’ve said, this collection is all about layer on layer. Try the different prints together in various set ups. And don’t be afraid to add colours that “shouldn’t work” because, you know, they probably will. Put a lime green scarve on, or a maybe a pair of yellow leg warmers? Make it fun! Being fun is always trendy. 

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Valleys of Hamalaya AW18

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