The Changing Bag Guide

We start with the key question - do you really need a changing bag? Our answer is yes, you do need a practical bag that you can attach to your stroller, and in an organized way stores diapers, wet wipes, creams and anything else you need for a change. It simply makes life with a baby a lot easier. But why stop there? Why not make room for more, and why not make it versatile? The Elodie Changing Bags are all designed to be upcycled and used as your one-and-only bag – during the baby years, as well as after. Therefore, we have designed our changing bags to look, feel and function as handbags, office bags, gym bags, weekend bags or pretty much whatever else you can think of. By prolonging the life-cycle of every product we sell, we significantly decrease that product’s environmental impact. So, it’s good for the planet as well as your wallet. Let us tell you a bit more about our different changing bag models, so you can be sure to pick the style that fit your needs the best. Oh, and by the way, all our bags come with a changing pad, straps that attach the bag to your stroller, lots of smart pockets and a thermo-pocket to keep your baby’s bottle (or your own coffee) upright.

The Tote Changing Bag

Spacious – Classic look – Discrete

With its contemporary yet classic look this model delivers both extra room inside and extravagance outside. It looks amazing hung from the handlebars of any stroller, and will look equally fantastic as a beach bag or carrying home vegetables from your local market. The inside bag that holds all pockets and compartments is completely detachable, making it even more versatile. Remove it whenever you need the bag for something other than changing gear, or when you need to clean it out. Available in subtle prints and shades that are easy to match. The Braided faux leather version is perhaps the crown jewel of this model, and it happens to be our Founder and Creative Director Linda Sätterström’s favourite piece.

The Draped Tote Changing Bag

Fashionable – Versatile – Feminine

A style statement disguised as a way to store diapers! Our most in-style model is also one of our most spacious and roomy. All the pockets and compartments you are going to need – all in the right place - and all with the right size. You will love this as a changing bag, but possibly even more so when it’s finally all yours. Perfect as an overnight-bag or as your new out-on-the-town bag when shopping. Very comfortable to carry over your shoulder and made with premium quality vegan leather.

The Signature Edition Changing Bag

Shoulder strap – Smart pockets – Unisex

Our Signature Edition Changing Bag is functional yet stylish. It is well-suited for everything your baby needs, while also fulfilling your own needs. This model has a unisex look and is perfectly suited to use as an office bag or weekend bag when your diaper changing days are done. The Signature Edition comes in Brilliant Black, Juniper Blue, Rebel Green and the print Vintage Flower. With these styles so you can actually match with an older sibling’s backpack. Guaranteed to get envious looks.

The Soft Shell Changing Bag

Lightweight – Perfect gym bag – Unisex

Our classic Soft Shell Changing Bag is a lightweight, trendy yet practical diaper bag. It's a perfect choice for the parent who appreciates easy use, easy maintenance, and easy storage. The pockets fit diapers, tissues, keys, phones, makeup, and everything you need when out and about. There is a hidden thermo-pocket inside made to keep your baby's bottle upright. This style comes in plenty of colours and prints, so you can pick your favourite and match it with your other stroller accessories. It has a unisex look and is perfect to upcycle and use as a gym bag when your baby becomes a diaper-free toddler.

The Leather Changing Bag

100% Genuine leather – Perfect handbag and office bag

For the truly fashionable mom, we present the Leather Changing Bag that looks and feels just like an exclusive handbag to bring to work, a dinner party or the playground. It’s made from 100% genuine leather and comes in a black and tan shade. This bag happens to be our Founder and Creative Director Linda Sätterström’s favourite model. It’s a practical bag made to last, and as it fits your laptop, it’s perfect for upcycling into an office bag. With its timeless design, it never goes out of fashion – this one is rightfully designed to be used for all occasions.

The Portable Changing Pad

Travelling light – Easy access – 2 terry cloths

The Portable Changing Pad is your best friend for speedy diaper changes on the go. It’s designed as a complement to the Changing Bag, for the occasions when you want to travel light. A practical arm strap is attached which, apart from being a stylish detail, is handy to use when carrying your child, making the daily puzzle just that little bit easier. The Portable Changing Pad has a removable and washable terry cloth as well as smart pockets for diapers, creams, and baby wipes. An extra terry cloth is included with your changing pad because let’s be honest, you can never have too many back-ups.

Buy now, use forever

The Changing Bags from Elodie are designed to be multifunctional and used on any occasion. Our philosophy is that you shouldn’t need to buy a bag with the only intention of using it as a changing bag. When your baby is grown, you can easily bring our bags to the gym, the office or out for a nice lunch. We love to see our changing bags being reused for a different purpose, or – naturally - for baby number two. “Every product I develop should have the potential for a second life after its original purpose has been fulfilled. Try to think one step further with every purchase. "Do I want to buy a changing bag that we’ll only use for two years, or do I get the one that will last for 15? What is an environmentally responsible decision?" The other thing is that when you get tired of a product, always ask yourself "what else can this be used for?" or "who else might benefit from this product now?” – Founder and Creative Director, Linda Sätterström