Supporting the global cause for a sustainable fashion industry is an important part of the buying decision for many people. At Elodie, we are committed to making that decision easier. Whether it’s through sponsoring global initiatives on the production side or extending the lifecycle of every product to its maximum.
On the following pages, you can learn more about the different approaches we take to these challenges. The first part we call “Upcycling” and it includes things like multi-functionality, quality, second-hand value and a fair bit of DIY-spirit. The second part - “Conscious production” - is dedicated to the way we produce, ship and maintain our products and business model.


Elodie as a company was founded on a DIY-project (the pacifier clip) and has always kept that spirit close at heart. That’s why upcycling has become such a favourite aspect of our sustainability efforts. Basically, it’s our way of supporting our consumers to buy less. Click the links below to learn more about our upcycling ambition.

Conscious production

The conventional and long-established approach to sustainability work within the fashion and retail industry has to do with production methods. Where you produce, how you handle logistics and the raw materials you choose are all important aspects. In our native Scandinavia, there are many companies that have come a long way and that challenge each other to constantly improve. We’ve joined the action-learning network ”The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action” to make sure we remain among those at the forefront in working to transform the business. Click the links below to learn more about our work and ambitions on conscious production.