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Elodie MONDO Stroller

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    Elodie Details är ett svenskt designvarumärke som grundades av Linda Sätterström i Stockholm år 2005. Hennes vision, att göra livet med barn ännu vackrare, är densamma idag som den var då. Genom egen produktutveckling och design skapar Elodie Details högkvalitativa och väldesignade babyaccessoarer, heminredning och barnvagnar till livet med bebis och småbarn. Genom att erbjuda hållbara och multifunktionella produkter vill Elodie Details uppmuntra till Upcycling - att förlänga livstiden av dina produkter genom att hitta nya användningsområden eller ett nytt hem efter att de fyllt sin primära funktion.

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    Scrapbook Inspiration

    Scrapbook Inspiration | Elodie Details - Memories last a lifetime, and sweet memories of the baby years are some of the best ones to keep. Making a scrapbook for each year gone by is a wonderful way of ensuring that those lovely memories are kept forever, and tells the story of your children growing up.   You can’t really go wrong with scrapbook making, but to add some lovely nostalgia to the book you can write a little story or note with each picture to make sure they’re remembered as time goes by. The only things you need are your favourite photos in print, a lovely book of your liking and a dash of glue, to create a wonderful walk down memory lane.

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    Preparing for Arrival

    Preparing for Arrival | Elodie Details - Awaiting the arrival of a long-awaited family member is a time of anticipation, longing and maybe even a bit of nerves setting in. Coming home with a brand new little human being is a lifechanging moment, and if you have some extra time before the due date it can be a good idea to make a few preparations in advance. We’ve listed three easy tips that do wonders during the first weeks with a newborn. HAVE MEALS PREPPED IN THE FREEZER As cosy and magical as it is, life with a newborn can be a bit challenging. You won’t have the same time to cook and take care of yourself as before since the baby needs around the clock attention. Try to freeze portions of food before the baby arrives, and enjoy not having to think too much when you’ve just become a parent. PLACE A BLINKIE IN YOUR BED Your baby is brand new to this world when coming home for the first time. In the first couple of weeks the baby needs the feeling of home and security, and it can be clever to help your little treasure along. Place a Blinkie or blanket in your own bed some time before your baby’s arrival to make sure it smells like you and brings a feeling of safety for your newborn. WASH THE BEDDING SETS Little babies are so delicate, and their skin can be quite sensitive, so make sure you wash their bedding sets with perfume free laundry detergent before introducing your baby to sleep there. It will remove potential dirt and scent from the sheets, making them nice and kind towards you baby’s skin.   SHOP BABY ACCESSORIES

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    Introducing House of Elodie

    Introducing House of Elodie | Elodie Details - Designed to upcycle with three necessities in one – House of Elodie is your ultimate Baby Gym, Snuggle House and Clothing Rack. This unique multi-use product will be your haven when trying to figure out how to buy less stuff, while still making sure your child has everything that he or she needs. House of Elodie starts with a steady wooden base that in combination with the other parts will serve as either a Baby Gym, a Snuggle House or a Clothing Rack. Four fun toys can be added to create the ultimate Baby Gym that will stimulate your baby’s motoric skills and coordination. All four are made in soft cotton and each with a different surprise when squeezing them. Place the Snuggle House cover over the Baby Gym and you have yourself a cosy house for your Snuggles to live in. (Dolls and teddys are also welcome)! When combining the Clothing Rack with the Baby Gym, you get a Clothing Rack with 10 matching baby size hangers for your child — a beautiful interior detail in the nursery or kids’ room.   SHOP HOUSE OF ELODIE

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